President Message

Dear Prospective Students,

It is easy to understand what a school provides; in our case, Sabi University provides higher education in the fields of Business and public Administration, to international students. Sabi Universtiy provides technology-enhanced education, created by an international faculty, to students studying around the world. If you want to understand the future, the motivation and the heart of a school, it is important to realize why they do what they do.

We believe in Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This article states that higher education should be equally accessible and should promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial and religious group. We believe that providing an internationally minded, technologically enhanced higher education offers a unique opportunity to fulfill the aspirations of Article 26.

Here is why:

The University technology-enhanced learning programs open communication between students and academics across nations. Sabi provides access to an international higher education that many individuals could previously not access due to limitations in their ability to relocate (financial, cultural, family ties, unwilling to leave a successful career). With Sabi, students can learn new theories and techniques in Business and Public Administration from leading academics without leaving their country of origin.

In addition to its global and cross-cultural nature, Sabi University’s technology-enhanced higher education is more environmentally friendly, more accessible to people with disabilities and is more affordable than traditional education.

At the 21st century, we have to care more about our planet, and we should not choose the lifestyle which harms our planet. We have to accept the fact that the earth belongs to everyone who is living on it, and it also belongs to our children and children's children. At the third millennium, we have to redefine whatever we have been practicing so far, to build the better world to live. For this purpose, we welcome students, teachers, professionals and everyone who care about future, humanity, and environment to join us and build a better society for next generations.

At Sabi University, we provide Simple, Advanced and Affordable, Broad-minded, Interactive and Innovated higher education. Join us to be a part of future.


Dr. Adlan Parsa, Ph.D.,LLM, DEA

Founder and President