The University History


Sabi University established as Scandinavian Art and Business Institute, the first private and independent higher education institute in Finland, on October 16, 2006. 


  • Entered into an affiliation/partnership agreement with Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki and United Business Institute of Belgium (UBI).  Through these partnerships, it built its first three programs, Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, and Doctor of Business Administration.
  • Recruited the first cohort of students, including 10 students for Bachelor of Business Administration, 5 students for Master of Business Administration and 2 students for Doctor of Business Administration. 


  • Recruited second cohort of students for MBA and DBA programs in Europe
  • Graduated the first cohort of MBA students
  • Launched the first version of Learning Management System (eSABI 1.0)



  • Recruited third group of students for MBA and DBA programs in Europe
  • Established partnership with Net Academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Graduated the second cohort of MBA students and first cohort of DBA students



  • Graduated the first cohort of BBA students from Europe
  • Recruited the first group of students for one-year degree-completion BBA for holders of Associate Degree in Malaysia, Indonesia and China
  • Recruited first group of MBA and DBA students from Asia


  • After receiving permissions from the French Ministry of Education, transferred Sabi headquarters to Paris, France, and set up its campus there.
  • Closed the campus in Helsinki, Finland
  • Set up a dual blended DBA program in collaboration with Jiatung University in Shanghai
  • Began recruiting e-learning students internationally.
  • Made the decision to end the BBA program, and stopped recruiting BBA students in Europe
  • Launched the second version of LMS (eSABI 2.0)


  • Applied for accreditation from European Council for Business Education (ECBE)
  • Revised the MBA and renamed the program as an Executive MBA and established the Master of Public Administration and Executive Doctor of Business Administration
  • Designed and produced first group of e-learning courses
  • Changed the name of institute from Scandinavian Art and Business Institute to Sabi University


  • Received accreditation for EMBA, EMPA, DBA and EDPA from ECBE
  • Established dual degree EMBA program in collaboration with American University of Paris and dual DBA program with Ipag Business School in Paris
  • Launched the third version of LMS (eSABI 3.0)


  • Applied for ASIC Accreditation
  • Began providing e-learning services to other French Business Schools (SABIGO)
  • Set up affiliation/partnership with Ecole des Haute Etudes International
  • Designed and produced second group of e-learning courses
  • Transferred ownership of Sabi University to Learntura Vision Inc.



  • Received ASIC Premier Institute Accreditation
  • Launched the fourth version of LMS (eSABI Minerva)
  • Ceased participating in dual degree programs with Ipag Business School, American University of Paris and in Asia
  • Stopped recruiting student for blended studies in Paris, France
  • Expanded Sabi University e-Learning and recruitment


  • Ceased association with and accreditation by ECBE
  • Listed as top 10 international distance doctoral programs:
  • Start using the updated educational videos, Case Studies, and other academic instructional materials produced by Learntura Vision Inc. for all programs as a result of student and market feedback, and a revised strategic focus for its degree programs which includes digital strategies for entrepreneurs and digital marketing.


  • ·Appointed a Chief Academic Officer to oversee academics and the program chairs
  • Start using the fifth version of LMS developed by Learntura Vision (Learntura LMS)
  • Realigned its programs based on market research and student inquires.  Merged its four programs (EMBA, EMPA, DBA, and EDPA) into three programs, each of which have specializations: an EMBA with specializations in Business, Public Administration, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytics; a DBA with specializations in Business, Public Administration, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytics; and an EDBA with specializations in Business, Public Administration, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytics,.   


  • Established partnership with EW Solutions to design and offer programs in Data Analytics
  • Established partnership with EC Council University to offer dual and joint degree programs