Chun Sing Mattew Xuan - DBA Graduate

Sabi University online DBA program helped me to arrange my work and time to study. I found all program materials in university's LMS. My teachers and mentors were very

supportive, and I never felt alone during my studies.

Jessica Levine - Executive Certificate Graduate

A friend of mine recommended Sabi University Online Executive Certificate. I didn't have a good experience with eLearning, but I needed a certificate in Data Analytics. I registered for the program, and I found these 18 weeks the most fruitful period of my life. Thank you for the great experience!

Juliana Larsen - Executive DBA Graduate

I have found Sabi University's online Executive DBA program very suitable for myself. It was a valuable opportunity to achieve a doctorate even working in a demanding and mobile profession as I do. The most important feature for me was the program flexibility. I managed to study according to my own schedule, when and where fit best for me. Learntura allowed me to do my studies also when I was traveling. Availability of study material was very useful, and there was no need to chase the course books at the library or other materials from a study office, all you need was available at Learntura 24/7. When you are traveling, that's an advantage as I don't have to carry real books with me.

Moumi Capers - Executive MBA Graduate

Before my experience at Sabi University, eLearning wasn't an option for me. I applied for the program because my work didn't let me study full-time. Now, eLearning is my first choice. I enjoyed my studies because it was On-demand, Interactive and entirely online.

Somaya Khalifa - Executive MBA Graduate

Sabi University’s distance education was totally different. It was user-friendly. My experience changed my mind about eLearning. Thank you, Sabi University for giving me the opportunity to study from a distance!

Mohammad El Mazouri - Executive MBA Graduate in Public Administration

My interest in Public Administration was to enhance my skills and knowledge. Being able to follow my studies everywhere at anytime, was a pleasurable experience for me. Taking exams when I am ready and where I can concentrate, was an advantage for me as I am busy at work as a manager, and have a family. Thank you for the experience. Recently, I got a promotion, and I think it is due to the knowledge that I earned during the program.