Mission Statement

Strategic Vision

Sabi University increases the quality of life of society by enhancing the professional capacity of aspiring business and public administrators throughout the world.


Sabi University strives to achieve its vision by:

  1. Providing the latest contemporary knowledge and skill needed to create effective business and public administrators which allows them to immediately apply what they learn
  2. Using a user-friendly learner management system which enables students to grasp the concepts necessary to drive economic progress as a means of sustaining and improving the socio-economic lives of society
  3. Creating ethical leaders who are critical thinkers that communicate clearly and innovate effectively
  4. Bringing together students of diverse cultural backgrounds to interact with one another in creating a more united world
  5. Measuring and assessing outcomes to ensure data-driven decision-making that improve student outcomes and university efficiency and profitability
  6. Providing a cost-effective program that takes into account its students’ professional status and busy schedules by allowing students to progress at their own pace within a prescribe the length of time.

Core Values

  • Being an agent of good through application of effective, efficient and ethical business and public administration
  • Economic progress as a means of sustaining and improving the socio-economic lives of society
  • Education as a preferred value that enables individuals to explore new frontiers that improve self and contributes to new applicable knowledge
  • Creating sustainability of the environment and organizations through an interdependent society with mutual respect for all
  • Constantly creating stakeholder value through innovation and technology
  • Building on our strengths so that our weaknesses become irrelevant.