Graduate Diploma Program

Graduate Diploma

Sabi University offers a 6 months online Graduate Diploma program for those who wish to develop their knowledge. Students study 4 courses and finish their program by writing a Capstone Project.    

Program Information

  1. 30 ECTS | 15 USCCS Credits
  2. 30 weeks online program
  3. $3000 plus $500 Registration Fee and $150 Application Fee


Student study 4  courses during 24 weeks and write a Capstone Project during 6 weeks in order to graduate with Graduate Diploma. 

How to apply

Interested applicants must submit the online application available here.

There is a $150 application fee which must be paid upon submission of the application. Accepted students will receive an offer letter and an invoice for the registration fee in order to finalize their registration. 

Payment Plan

$3000 Tuition Fee can be paid in two payment plans as follow:

1) In two payments of $1500. One at the beginning of the program and the second one after three months.

2) Monthly Payment Plan: Tuition Fee will be paid in 6 monthly payment of $550. There is a monthly $50 service fee on top of tuition fee. 

MBA Pass

Holders of Sabi University's Graduate Diploma can continue their studies at Sabi University's MBA Program by presenting a Capstone Project. Please contact Admissions Office for more information.  

Additional Information

Please contact the Admissions Office via regarding admissions procedure. You can also find out about the programs' tuition fee on Tuition Fees page.