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EMBA / MSc. in Cybersecurity

The Sabi University offers a dual degree program in cybersecurity in partnership with EC Council University. All candidates must submit an online application in order to apply for the program and pay the application fee of USD 150. Please notice that we won't consider incomplete applications and those that the applicant didn't pay the application fee. All applications will be examined by a joint Admissions Committee. Successful students will receive two offer letters, one from Sabi University for Executive MBA in Cybersecurity and one from EC Council University for MSc. in Cybersecurity. The time frame to accept or reject the offer letters is 10 days. Applicants must accept both offer letters in order to start their studies. Those who will accept the offer letters must pay the tuition fee according to the following payment plan:

Sabi University Fees

  • Sabi University's Registration Fee:  USD 500 - 10 days after accepting the offer letter in order to receive the access to the Learning Management System
  • First Payment : USD 4500 - Before Starting Semester 1 at Sabi University after completion of cybersecurity courses at EC Council University
  • Second Payment : USD 4500 - Before Starting Semester 2 at Sabi University - 18 weeks after the first payment

EC Council  University Fees

Students will receive an invoice and payment plan from EC Council University in order to enroll for cybersecurity courses. Please check their website for cybersecurity courses tuition fees - CLICK HERE


Do you want to apply for this program? Please click on the following link to find out more about the admission process.