A Message from Chief Academic Officer

Dear Prospective Students,

As Chief Academic Officer of Sabi University please let me welcome you to the Sabi experience.  This experience is intended to enable you to develop your existing or latent talent and to become the professional you wish to be.  At Sabi University, we are focused on providing value-added dimensions to your life through our variety of programs and courses. 

Sabi University business programs and courses liftyou from your present awareness of knowledge and skill and take you to the level to which you aspire in your professional career.  We do this through Exceptional world class faculty, state of the art materials, and a process geared to take you to the next step of your career.  I hasten to add, they are not for the faint of heart. These courses require discipline and effort.  We provide structured courses with materials, readings, assignments, and assessments. The intent is that you are able to observe the transition from where you began and to what you are able to accomplish as a result of a your Sabi University studies.  

So, let me renew my welcome to the Sabi University universe and our contribution to increase your knowledge and skill trajectory.  Always rising at a steep incline to your zenith.


Prof. Gary Robinson, PhD

Chief Academic Officer