Admissions Procedure


All candidates must submit an online application and pay the application fee of US$ 150 upon submission of their application. Please note that incomplete applications would not be considered, and the application fee is not refundable. All candidates must attend an online interview with the a member of Admissions Committee as a part of Admissions procedure. 

Successful candidates will receive an offer letter from the Admissions Committee. They have to pay a US$ 500 registration fee to accept and save their place for the program.  Please note that the registration fee would not be refundable. 

The Admissions Office will inform the student about the payment plan. Students must follow the agreed payment plan. Students who fail to pay their payment on the due date will be suspended from the program and failure of two payment cause dismissal from the program. 

Inappropriate behaviour and communication will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee, and the student might be dismissed from the program.